Collection: HAPPY WAX

Hi, we’re Happy Wax.

Fragrance plays an important role in our lives. Have you ever smelled a scent and immediately it evoked a memory from some point in your life? Have you ever felt stressed, and looked for a calming scent to help improve your mood? We have, and that’s why our brand was created – to help you get happy through the power of fragrance. 

Our story begins in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, with a police officer named Ryan. Standing at 6’5”, this gentle giant isn’t who you would envision pouring bear-shaped wax melts. Ryan helped his grandmother in her candle shop and that’s where he developed his love for fragrance, which became a lifelong hobby.

He chose the bear shape for his wax melts to bring smiles to people’s faces. And thus was born Happy Wax. Today, a team of 20 manages Happy Wax and all of our wax is handmade and poured in North Carolina.


When it comes to home fragrance, you can have it all. We were tired of choosing between all-natural products so weak you could barely smell them or chemical-filled products with toxic ingredients that claim to last longer. We believe in fragrance without compromise - no parabens or phthalates, no cheap paraffin wax, and no soy wax blends.

At Happy Wax, our fragrances are designed by masterful experts using a concentrated scent that is designed to last longer. Translation: you can actually smell them. Trust us, they will fill your entire room. Plus, we use soy wax infused with essential oils so you can breathe easily.