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Santa's Little Ho 4oz Candle

Santa's Little Ho 4oz Candle

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Introducing the comically delightful Christmas candle, "Santa's Little Ho"! This mischievously named candle combines the festive charm of the holiday season with a twist of humor. Infused with a refreshing scent of fresh pine, it brings the essence of a winter forest right into your home. With its playful moniker, it's sure to bring a hearty chuckle to anyone's face. Perfect for those who revel in the lighter side of the holidays, "Santa's Little Ho" makes for an excellent Christmas gift, especially for Santa's favorite "ho ho ho"! Whether placed on the mantel or as a centerpiece during holiday gatherings, this candle adds a touch of merriment to the festivities. Spread joy and laughter this season with a gift that embodies the spirit of the holidays in the most whimsical way.

Scent: Fresh Pine Size:

4oz Glass jar with lid

Wax: Coconut apricot wax blend 

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